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Hi, I am Evi and welcome to my ‘Bake House’!
This would be the ideal name of my imaginary cosy, cute, small cafe/bakery/pastry shop/bistro. As you can tell, I really enjoy baking and kitchen is my favourite place in the house. Actually, I call my kitchen ‘Bake House’, as unfortunately I am not the owner of a cute, cozy cafe/bakery/pastry shop/bistro, but a computer science student from Greece, pursuing a Master’s Degree in the UK. I started this blog in the UK while being a postgraduate student. Now I continue writing this blog while living and working in Germany. However.. if things don’t go as expected the pastry shop will always be the back up plan!

I don’t know how you ended up reading these lines but I am really glad you did and you are more than welcome to stay! I promise that I will offer you the most delicious cakes and cookies! And occasionally some of my favourite savoury treats. So sit comfortably, have a sip of coffee and feel free to look around. I hope that you will find at least one recipe that will inspire and encourage you to go into the kitchen and start playing.

P.S.: Even though I have lived in the UK and also worked in an English speaking environment (in Germany), my native language is Greek! So apologies for any grammar or syntax mistake.

9 thoughts on “About

    • Sandyyyy!! Thanks! I will, I will!
      You know you are always welcome to be my third (proud) recipe tester. :)

  1. Γειά σου Εύη. Σ’ ευχαριστώ για την επίσκεψη στο blog μου, μου έδωσες την ευκαιρία να σε ανακαλύψω κι εγώ. Καλό ξεκίνημα στο blogging! Ήδη οι συνταγές που βλέπω φαίνονται νοστιμότατες.

  2. Hello young beautiful lady :))
    Subscribed to your blog ! If any day your plan of opening a bakery works out, feel free to send me an invitation card 😀 you know, Im dreaming of that as well and would love to work in a such place. As you discribe your attitude to cooking, I find you a very good-hearted and friendly person :) Nice to meet you, Evi!

  3. I found your site looking for a good double chocolate cookies recipe. The Nigella one listed is SO good. I love it. :) Was wondering if I could post a photo of your’s or two on my blog and link to your blog for the full recipe and photo credit. Let me know, thanks! xx Lindsey /

    • Ναι ναι! Μια χαρά κατάλαβες! Κάτοικος Ελλάδας πλέον!
      Εγώ πρέπει να ανανεώσω αυτήν την σελίδα που την έχω ξεχάσει λίγο! 😛

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